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About Us

Welcome to Thespian Heart Clothing!

My name is Jamie Ann Burke, I created Thespian Heart Clothing because I want to support actresses, actors & other artists on their journey to their dreams. 


Jamie Ann Burke Thespian Heart Clothing CEO Inspirational  Black Owned Business

As an actress myself, I realized the immense joys and struggles of being an artistic solopreneur.  Juggling the business and dramatic aspects of the acting left me overwhelmed and doubtful that I had chosen the right career. 

2021 Spring Thespian Heart Clothing Photoshoot

Jamie Ann Burke Thespian Heart Clothing CEO Louella Allen PhotographyJamie Ann Burke Thespian Heart Clothing CEO Ishia NickensJamie Ann Burke Actor Language Rash Guard CEO Black Owned BusinessJamie Ann Burke TESPR Classmate Cassandra Ambe Sarah Rodriguez Jamie Ann Burke Vinny Louella Allen PhotographyAntoine Williams Jamie Ann Burke

I noticed many other actors were feeling the same way.  Thespian Heart Clothing is a fun, fashionable, creative way to remind other artists that they are strong, resilient, and unique.❤️ 

Jamie Ann Burke Thespian Heart Clothing CEO Inspirational Black Owned
Jamie Ann Burke Ishia Nickens Leah HarveyJamie Ann Burke Strong Protagonist LeggingsJamie Ann Burke Leggings Strong Female Protagonist


I know that when you wear your apparel, you will be inspired and reminded of the noble reasons why you entered this profession is the 1st place. 💗 

Thank you for being part of the Thespian Heart Clothing family.

And thank you Louella Allen Photography for the lovely photos 



Want to know more about my acting journey?


Check out my Acting Page.

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