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It Factor | Fanny Pack
It Factor | Fanny Pack
It Factor | Fanny Pack

It Factor | Fanny Pack

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IT FACTOR: When attending casting director workshops, I’d always ask what makes an actor shine? I hoped to know the elusive secret, so I would shine too. Each and every casting director shrugged, not sure what to tell me. They clearly didn’t know why someone had the “It Factor.” They only knew it wowed them, and they felt it in their souls. 


Most people quickly decided that the actor must have been “born with it.” This answer did not sit well with me, it seemed the common response of the casual observer who had no idea. Most people have no concept of what it really means to be great, to be exceptional, to have that “It Factor.” I think of people like Kobe Bryant, the hours he put in; Arnold Swarzegger, his firm belief in his differences; and Michael Jackson, who dared to be dazzling.

SIZING CHART: Need help with sizing? Contact Jamie Ann Burke directly CLICK HERE. She would love to help you personally.

  • Circumference = around your waist

Size Chart Fanny Pack Thespian Heart Clothing


  • Jamie wears size (S/M) Small /Medium
  • 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall
  • chest circumference 35" (88.9 cm)
  • waist circumference 29" (73.9 cm)
  • hip circumference 40" (101cm)

"IT" FACTOR FORMULA?   Through my exploration, I realized that people who have the "It Factor" possess an individual blend of detailed work, surrender, inspiration, thankfulness, love, strength, calmness, self-starting nature, adventure, discipline, expression, empathy, resilience. All that mixed with a sense of knowing. Knowing that they're the perfect human to tell that particular story. That is the “It Factor to me.


STYLISH: & COMFORTABLE: These fanny packs are functional and classic accessories,  perfect casual wear for all humans, men & women, and non-binary. Made with water-resistant fabrics, and perfect for a day running errands hands-free, or taking a lovely walk in the park.

USES: Our fanny packs make powerful, stylish, and useful gifts for positive-minded & inspirational people who support the artistic creatives. 

LOOKS GREAT WITH: You can pair these beautiful fanny packs with leggings, joggers, & tees for a functional and fashionable look.

SUPPORTING: Feel great about supporting a creative & inspirational, 💋black-owned, 🧠woman-owned, 👁artist-owned business. xoxo 😍 & thank you. 

MATERIALS: Fanny pack is the ultimate accessory for people on the go. And this waist bag has everything—the right size, a small inside pocket, and adjustable straps—to become your favorite fashion item if you're going to a festival, getting ready for a vacation, or just like to keep your hands free.

  • 100% polyester
  • Fabric weight: 9.91 oz/yd² (336 g/m²)
  • Dimensions: H 6.5'' (16cm), W 13'' (33cm), D 2¾'' (7cm)
  • Water-resistant material
  • Top zipper with 2 sliders
  • Small, customizable inner pocket without zipper
  • Silky lining piped inside hems
  • 1¼'' wide adjustable straps with plastic strap regulators
It Factor | Fanny Pack