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Inhale Exhale Breathe | Colorful | Yoga Running Workout Leggings

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INHALE EXHALE: Inhale Exhale Breathe. This act alone can change our lives for the better.  I like to think when I breathe in, the whole world is here to help me, when I breathe out I’m contributing to others.  When I’m feeling anxious, angry, even excited, and happy, this simple act of breathing grounds me, calms me down and lets me focus on the positive aspects of the moment. 


BREATHE: Physically, when we inhale air enters our lungs, and oxygen from the air moves from our lungs to our blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide, a waste gas, moves from our blood to the lungs and is exhaled. Our Thespian Heart Clothing Inhale Exhale Breathe collection features a beautiful butterfly, I believe the more we conscientiously breathe we become the most beautiful version of ourselves.

STYLISH: & COMFORTABLE Cute workout clothes are a must-have for women who love fun leggings that make a bold statement. 

SIZE CHART (inches): Need help with sizing? Contact Jamie Ann Burke directly CLICK HERE, she would love to help you personally.  Need a bigger size? Yes, queen! I can accommodate sizes 2XL-6XL in these beautiful leggings.

  • Hips = circumference around the widest part of hips 

  • Waist = circumference around the narrowest part of the waist.

Leggings Size Chart Thespian Heart Clothing

USES: Our leggings make beautiful gifts for women, yoga instructors, workout enthusiasts, thespians, moviegoers, actors, film students, film directors, and creative artists. Whether you invoke the still strength of the warrior position in ? yoga, get your heart rate up with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or take a socially distant run in the park, these leggings are perfect to stay in shape. Always remember, whatever your goals for the future, you are beautiful today, this very moment.

LOOKS GREAT WITH: You can match head to toe with sports bra & rash guard combinations. Leggings can also be paired with a fun t-shirt or hoodie!

SUPPORTING: Feel great about supporting a small, black-owned, woman-owned, artist-owned business. xoxo.

Super soft, stretchy, and comfortable yoga leggings. Order these to make sure your next yoga session is the best one ever!


  • 82% polyester, 18% spandex

  • Material has a four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains.

  • Made with a smooth, comfortable microfiber yarn

  • Raised waistband

  • Precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing

  • Hidden waistband pocket to keep your valuables tucked away on the go