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INHALE EXHALE: Inhale Exhale Breathe. This act alone can change our lives for the better.  I like to think when I breathe in, the whole world is here to help me, when I breathe out I’m contributing to others.  When I’m feeling anxious, angry, even excited, and happy, this simple act of breathing grounds me, calms me down and lets me focus on the positive aspects of the moment. 


BREATHE: Physically, when we inhale air enters our lungs, and oxygen from the air moves from our lungs to our blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide, a waste gas, moves from our blood to the lungs and is exhaled. Our Thespian Heart Clothing Inhale Exhale Breathe collection features a beautiful butterfly, I believe the more we conscientiously breathe we become the most beautiful version of ourselves.

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