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i am enoughi am enough

AM I ENOUGH?Β Do you ever have doubts running through your head? Is it possible to be a good actor, spouse, parent, artist, writer, doctor, entrepreneur, or humanitarian? Does what I say, think, and do even matter? Why bother at all? As someone who is plagued by negative thoughts, the summarizing question always is, β€œAm I Enough?”

We foolishly believe that other people can live out our dreams, somehow (we often think) they were born with the intelligence, strength, connections, focus, drive that we lack. Β At the same time, we minimize what we can do, often being afraid of a despairing comment from a non-supportive naysayer. Β Β 

I AM ENOUGH:Β The English therapist Marissa Peers summed it beautifully. Β β€œI Am Enough.” We need to say this to ourselves, every hour, so often it becomes a habit and our reality. Β  In this world, it's easy to compare ourselves to others, but remember we are already enough, and keep focusing on self-love and self-improvement and going directly towards our dreams.