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DO YOU LOVE WATCHING OR MAKING FILMS?  Movies are stories in action.  Since the beginning of mankind storytellers would spin tales of adventure, travel, love, and loss to the hearers.  In many African traditions, they used oral traditions, in some Asian & European cultures they utilized written traditions, now in the modern world, besides audio and written words, we have film.  

The role of the filmmaker is essential for the understanding of society.  The dedicated research writers, directors, and producers engage in dig up specific details about humanity, things that seem so personal, but are somehow universal.  A filmmaker has the great honor of crafting beautiful tales that have the power to change societal norms and increase empathy. The moviegoer and movie lover has an equally vital task, they listen to stories, ask questions, they discuss.  They create a community around important themes and they further the conversation.  Thespian Heart Clothing is all about the love of movies and the craft of filmmaking.