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CAN WE CHOOSE HAPPINESS?  Modern culture has taught us to react to the outside world (or specifically the world on the television screen.) If someone on earth experiences a tragedy it is reported on the news for hours on a continuous loop, until our collective mood changes to sadness, anger, and depression. Now, I believe we need to empathize with our fellow man, but there has to be a cut-off point in our day, where we take back the day and make it a great day.  

We can choose (even for a minute) to appreciate the sun warming our skin, the birds chirping in spring, our hearts beating, a kind smile from a stranger.  These little moments take some effort to notice as our attention is usually taken hostage by the latest world gossip.  Nevertheless, with practice, I believe we can choose happiness, whether it’s enjoying the laughter of our family, or a friendly hug, the sweetness of a crisp apple, or the smell of fresh-baked pizza.  There's so much for us to enjoy in the world.  When we make a habit of noticing the things that bring excitement, then we have chosen happiness.