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POWERFUL MESSAGE:  I envision a time when we can look at each other as fellow Americans, fellow humans, and not ignore violent treatment or unfair persecution to any persons. 


It’s exciting when companies & Americans show support for a man with dark skin being murdered by the authorities, that wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago.  To me, that shows growth & empathy as a nation.  Black Lives Matter is a beautiful declaration of perseverance & hope and should be a fierce American 🇺🇸value.

WORLD CONNECTION: Etched in the fabric of the United States is the blood, sweat, and tears of African American peoples, the enslaved, the everyday person, and the revered.  The trajectory of black value in America should serve to strengthen the inner joy & hope of all peoples, and the simple acknowledgment of “mattering” helps the American conscience immensely.  These black lives matter sweatshirts carry the iconic words "Black Lives Matter” but also the universal human need, “LOVE.” While loving each other & humanity, can we overcome hatred and malice? I think so.

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