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Actress Collection || Inspirational Clothing

I LOVE ACTING: I smile when I hear people say they must act.  Often, well-meaning industry professionals say, "If you want to do anything else, do that."  I don’t recommend listening to those naysayers.  They might only be focused on some glittery end reward, but if you're focused on immense personal growth, acting is the most valuable life class you can find. 

The Thespian Heart Clothing #Actress series is an homage to the theatrical players in the entertainment industry.  Those courageous and vulnerable souls wear their hearts on their sleeves as they tell other characters stories.  Acting is physically, mentally, and spiritually exhaustive, but so so beautiful.  

There are the acting basics like acting resumes, vocal warm-ups, and memorizing lines, to developing compelling characters, networking, mindset, and professional conduct.  Hats off to those who dare to pursue this journey.  I love you.  I love what you stand for, I love working with you, and I love working with you on television. xoxo Jamie Ann Burke

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