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WHAT IS #ACTORLIFE? It’s not all beautiful photoshoots, red carpets, and signing autographs.  The reality is more work and personal growth than most people could handle in their lifetime. Imagine a profession with no clear pathway to success, where “sage” advice is often brutal and reductive, “the secret sauce” is everywhere for a hefty sum, but the real answers are in you.  That’s #actorslife.  

If you embark on this challenging, yet rewarding lifestyle, buckle up.  You will learn to perform under pressure, not just the pressure of people looking at & judging you, but the pressure of family and friends hinting at that attractive & stable Plan B.  It’s OK, the #actorlife is worth it.  

Why is the #actorlife worth it?  Because the #actorlife with stretch you so hard you will not be able to look for help from anybody else, you will be forced to find strength in your own divine vision of your life, and the consistent disciplines you instill in your day-to-day.  

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